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Archived Meetings and Minutes

2017 Meeting Schedule & Minutes

January 12th @ 7pm [December 8th Minutes click here....] February 9th @ 7pm [January 12 Minutes click here......] March 9th @ 7pm [February 9th Minutes click here.......] April 13th @ 7pm [March 9th Minutes click here.......]
May 11th @ 7pm [April 13th Minutes click here.......] June 8th @ 7pm [No Meeting this Month, May Minutes approved July 13th] July 13th @ 7pm [May 11th Minutes click here...] August 10th@ 7pm [July 13th Minutes]
September 14th @ 7 pm [August 10th Minutes] October 12th @ 7pm [September 14th Minutes] November 9th @ 7pm [October 12 Minutes] December 14th @ 7pm
[November 9th Minutes]

2016 Meeting Schedule & Minutes

January 14th @ 7pm [Minutes Dec. 10, 2015 click here........] February 11th @ 7pm [Minutes January 14th click here....] March 10th @ 7pm [Minutes February 11th click here....] April 14th @ 7pm [Minutes March 10th .pdf click here.....]
May 12th @ 7pm [Minutes April 14th click here.....] June 9th @ 7pm [Minutes May 12 click here......] July 14th @ 7pm [June 9th Minutes click here....] August 11th @ 7pm [July 14th Minutes click here...]
September 8th @ 7pm [August 11th Minutes click here...] October 13th @ 7pm [Sept 8th Minutes click here...] November 10th @ 7pm [October 13 Minutes click here......] December 8th @ 7pm [November 10 Minutes click here......]


2015 Meeting Schedule & Minutes

January 8th @ 7pm December 11th Minutes click here Feb 12th @ 7pm January 8th Minutes click here March 12th @ 7pm Feb 12th Minutes click here April 9th @ 7pm [March 12th Minutes click here]
May 14th @ 7pm Minutes April 9th  click here........... June 11th @ 7pm May 14 Minutes click here.... July 9th @ 7pm [June 11th Minutes click here....] [Special Meeting June click here.....] August 13th @ 7pm [July 9th Minutes click here]
September 10th @ 7pm [Minutes August 13th click here...] October 8th @ 7pm [Minutes September 10 Minutes click here....] November 12th @ 7pm [Minutes October 8th click here...] December 10 @ 7pm [Minutes November 12th click here....]

2014 Meeting Schedule & Minutes

January 9th @ 7pm No meeting minutes for December 2013 Feb 13th @ 7pm Changed to Feb 6th @ 7pm[Minutes Jan 9 click here] March 13th @ 7pm [Minutes Feb 6th click here] April 10th @ 7pm [Minutes March 13th click here]
May 8th @ 7pm [April 10th Minutes .pdf click here] June 12th @ 7pm [May 8th Minutes click here] July 10th @ 7pm [June 12th Minutes click here] August 14th @ 7pm [July 10th Minutes click here]
Sept 11th @ 7pm [August 14th Minutes click here] Oct. 9th @ 7pm [Sept 11th Minutes click here....] Nov 13th @ 7pm [October 9th Minute click here.....] Dec 11th @ 7pm
[November 13th Minutes click here.....]


2013 Meeting Schedule & Minutes

Jan 10 @ 7pm [Dec 13th Minutes] Feb 14 @7pm [Jan 10th Minutes] March 14 @7pm [February 14th Minutes] April 11 @7pm [March 14 Minutes]
May 9th @ 7pm [April 11th Minutes] June 13th @ 7pm [May 9th Minutes] July 11th @ 7pm [June 4th Special Meeting Minutes] [June Regular Minutes] August 8th @ 7pm [July 11th Minutes]
Sept 12th @ 7pm [August 8th Minutes] Oct 10th @ 7pm [Sept 12th Minutes] Nov 14th @ 7pm [November 14th Minutes] Dec 12th @ 7pm [No meeting held]

2012 Meeting Schedule & Minutes

January 12th@ 7pm[December 8th Minutes] Feb 2nd@ 7pm [January 2012 Minutes] March 8th@ 7pm [February 2012 Minutes] April 12th@ 7pm [March 2012 Minute]
May 10th@ 7pm [April 2012 Minutes] June 14th@ 7pm [May 2012 Minutes] July 12th@ 7pm [June 2012 Minutes] August 9th@ 7pm [July12th Minutes]
September 13th@ 7pm [August 9th Minutes] October 11th@ 7pm [September 13th Minutes] November 8th@ 7pm [October 11th Minutes] December 13@ 7pm [November 8th Minutes]

2011 Meeting Schedule & Minutes

January 13th @ 7pm  [December 9th Minutes] Feb 3rd @ 7pm [January 13th Minutes] March 10th @ 7pm [Minutes February 3rd] April 14th @ 7pm [Minutes March 10 Meeting]
May 12th @ 7pm [Minutes April 14th Meeting] June 9th @ 7pm
[Minutes May 12th Meeting]
July 14th @ 7pm [June 9th Minutes] August 11th @ 7pm [July 14th Minutes]
September 8th @ 7pm [August 11th Minutes] October 13th @ 7pm [September 8th Minutes] November 10th @ 7pm [October 13th Minutes] December 8 @ 7pm [November 10th Minutes]

2010 Meeting Schedule & Minutes

January 14th Meeting @7pm [December 10 Minutes] February 11th @ 7pm [January 14th Minutes] March 11th @ 7pm [February 11th Minutes] April 8th @ 7pm [March 11th Minutes]
May 13th @ 7pm [April 8th Minutes] June 10th @ 7pm [Minutes May 13th] July 8th @ 7pm [June 10 Minutes] August 12th @ 7pm [July 8 Minutes]
September 9th @ 7pm [August 12th Minutes] October 14th @ @ 7pm [September 9th Minutes] November 11 @ 7pm [October 14th Minutes] December 9 @ 7pm
[November 11th Minutes]

2009 Meeting Schedule & Minutes

January 8th Meeting @7pm [December 11th Minutes] February 12th @ 7PM [January 8th Minutes] March 12th @ 7pm [February 12th Minutes] April 9th 2009 @ 7pm [March 12th Minutes]
May 14th 2009 @ 7pm.[April 9th Minutes]   [Special Meeting Minutes-Bid Openings] June 11th, 2009 @ 7pm [May 14 Minutes] July 9th, 2009 @ 7pm [June 11th Minutes] August 13th @ 7pm. [July 9th Minutes]
September 10th @ 7pm. [August 13th Minutes] October 8th @ 7pm. [September 10th Minutes] November 12th @ 7pm [October 8 Minutes] & [October 22nd Special Meeting Minutes] December 10th @ 7pm [November 12 Minutes]

2008 Meeting Schedule & Minutes

January 10, 2008 @7PM [December 13th Minutes] February 14, 2008 @7PM [January 10th Minutes] March 13, 2008 @7PM [February 14th Minutes] April 10, 2008 @7PM [March 13th Minutes]
May 8, 2008 @7PM [April 10th Minutes] June 12, 2008 @7PM [May 8 Minutes] July 10, 2008 @7PM [June 12 Minutes] August 14, 2008 @7PM [July 10th Minutes]

September 11, 2008 @7PM Eaton Town Hall [August 14th 2008 Minutes] 

October 9, 2008 @7PM [September 11 Minutes] November 13, 2008 @7PM [October 9th Minutes] December 11, 2008 @7PM [November 13 Minutes]

2007 Meeting Schedule & Minutes

January 11, 2007 @ 7PM [December 14 Minutes] February 8, 2007@ 7PM [January 11th Minutes] March 8, 2007@ 7PM [February 8th Minutes] April 12, 2007@ 7PM [March 8th Minutes]
May 10, 2007@ 7PM [April 12th Minutes] June 14, 2007@ 7PM @ Eaton Township [May 10 Minutes] July 12, 2007@ 7PM [June 14th Minutes] August 9, 2007@ 7PM [July 12th Minutes]
September 13, 2007@ 7PM [August 9 Minutes] October 11, 2007@ 7PM [September 13th Minutes] November 8, 2007@ 7PM [October 11th Minutes] December 13, 2007@ 7PM [November 8 Minutes]

2006 Meeting Schedule & Minutes

January 12th, 2006 @ 8PM [December 8th Minutes] February 9th, 2006 @ 8PM [January 12th Minutes] March 9th, 2006 @ 8PM [February 9th Minutes] April 13th, 2006 @ 8PM [March 9th Minutes]
May 11th, 2006 @ 8PM [April 13th Minutes]Meeting Place Changed: Carlisle Twp Hall June 8th, 2006 @ 8PM [May 11th Minutes] Meeting Place Changed: Eaton Township Garage July 13th, 2006 @ 8PM [June 8th Minutes] August 10th, 2006 @ 8PM [July 13th Minutes]
September 14th, 2006 @ 8PM [August 10th Minutes] October 12th, 2006 @ 8PM [September 14th Minutes] November 9th, 2006 @ 8PM [October 12th Minutes] December, 14th, 2006 @ 8PM [November 9th Minutes]