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Question from Form 812 (R)       


Q.  What is the Account Number? 

A.  The Account Number will be assigned to your account after the connections are complete.  You will not need to complete this line on the form.


Q.  What is the PPN? 

A.  The PPN is the Permanent Parcel Number assigned to your home by the county auditor.  You can find this number on you tax bill or simply leave this line blank and LORCO will look up the number for you.


                    Q.  What does Assessment mean? 

A.  If you desire to have your tap fee placed on your taxes and paid back over 20 years simple check the blank next to Assessment and then initial the form where designated. There is no pre-payment penalty and you will only be charged interest on the outstanding balance due.  Should you make additional payments or pay-off the assessment early, you will only pay interest on the outstanding balance.


Q.  The easement language in the fifth paragraph seems to grant unlimited rights? 

A.  This language is broad based and is primarily designed for homes which have grinder pump installations.  The language is simply to allow LORCO to access your property to make necessary repairs to the system.


                    Q.  Who do I return the form to? 

A.  You may mail the form to the LORCO office in Wellington.  The address is on the top of the form or you may fax it to 440-647-4870.


                    Q.  Who do we make check to? 

A.  Checks should be made payable to LORCO and returned with the form 812 (R). 


Connection Questions


Q.  When can I call for an inspection? 

A.  You must call 48 hours prior to the day the inspection will be needed.  The inspection will not be done until LORCO has received your completed 812(R) form.


Q.  Who do I call for an inspection? 

A.  Contact the LORCO/ALMU Office at 440-933-0388 to schedule your inspection.


                    Q.  Do I need a Permit? 

A.  LORCO issues the permit for the service line as part of the 812(R) form process.  You will not need additional permitting for the service line. However, if you are making any plumbing changes to your home as a result of the sewer and you live in Eaton Township, you will also be required to obtain a plumbing permit from the Lorain County Building Department (440-328-2330).  Also, if you live in Eaton Township and have a grinder pump, you will need to obtain an electrical permit from the Lorain County Building Department.


Q.  Is System done? 

A.  The collection system is substantially complete and ready to receive sanitary sewer flow.  You may connect to the system anytime after June 1, 2011.


                    Q.  When do I have to connect? 

A.  You must have your service line installed or scheduled to be installed prior to April 17th, 2012.


                    Q.  Does my contactor have to be licensed? 

A.  LORCO does not require contractors to be licensed to install the service line to your home.


                    Q.  Does contractor have to be insured? 

A.  LORCO does not require contractors to be insured to install the service line to your home.  We do recommend homeowners hire a reputable and bonded contractor.


                    Q.  Can I install the sewer line myself? 

A.  Yes, you simple must follow the procedures for inspection and install according to the specifications listed on the LORCO Website.


                    Q.  Should I install a back water prevention valve? 

A.  This is your choice.  LORCO does not recommend them because of the maintenance required but it is the homeowner’s choice.  The homes which are connect by grinder pumps have two (2) back water prevention valves in place because they are connected to a low pressure main.


Question about the Sewer System       


Q.  When will work be done? 

A.  The system is estimated to be 100% complete by the end of the summer of 2011. 


                    Q.  Who do I call if my yard has not been restored? 

A.  You may contact 440-933-0388.   Because of the volume of calls you may get an answering machine.  Please leave a message with your name, address and the nature of the problem so we can better serve you.


                    Q.  Who do I call if I have a problem with the construction? 

A.  You may contact 440-933-0388.   Because of the volume of calls you may get an answering machine.  Please leave a message with your name, address and the nature of the problem so we can better serve you.


                    Q.  Is the connection to Avon Lake completed? 

A.  The transmission line to Avon Lake will be completed this summer.  The collection system is still operational until the transmission line is complete.


                    Q.  Do I have to connect? 

A.  Yes.  If the foundation of your home is within 200’ from the right of way or your home sewage treatment system has failed.


                    Q.  What if I don’t have the money to connect or pay the tap-in fee? 

A.  There are a number of agencies you may contact to obtain assistance.  They are listed on our website.



$8,000.00    Tap fee.  Paid at time of tap-in.    Developers also pay entire cost of infrastructure within the subdivision area.

$46.20             BASE MONTHLY USER FEE INCLUSIVE OF FIRST TWO THOUSAND GALLONS PER MONTH – composed of three factors. 1) cost of treatment 2) operations & maintenance and 3) the amount of debt service related to the Phase 1 project financing. Each one thousand gallons additional usage is $5.50. The average household bill is estimated to be $62.70 per month based on 5,000 gallons usage.

Rates are reviewed annually by the board of trustees.




GRINDER PUMP REQUIREMENTS.  Property owner will be responsible for installing the sewer discharge from the home to the grinder pump and for providing 220 volt electrical service to the grinder pump.  LORCO will own and maintain the grinder pumps.  An average of $2.50 per month is the property owner’s cost for electricity to intermittently power the grinder pump.


1.  What is the legal basis upon which LORCO has the authority to operate?  Beyond the statutory authority granted in Chapter 6119 of the Ohio Revised Code, LORCO has entered into a written agreement with Lorain County Commissioners, allowing both entities to coordinate wastewater service in the unincorporated areas of Lorain County. This agreement was also approved by NOACA. In addition, the 208 Water Quality Management Plan Update for Northeast Ohio includes LORCO as a Designated Management Agency.  

2.  Is the sewer something that I can vote on?  Not-for-profit utilities are governed by a board of trustees appointed by the member townships and villages.  You have a voice through your elected officials.  Exercise that option and talk with your Township Trustees or Village Council.  The ecological benefits of LORCO’s Phase-I and future operations will be realized by all of Lorain County residents with the reduction of the current pollution problem in the streams and rivers from existing failed septic systems.  Without a wastewater collection system this problem will continue to worsen

3.  Who represents me on the LORCO Board?  The person appointed by your Township Trustees or Village Council.  They serve with no compensation or benefits.  The trustees are listed on our website.

4.  Where are sewer lines going to be built?  A map of Phase-I is shown on the LORCO website.  

5.  How will the project be assessed?  The fees have been calculated based upon the specific use of the property and not on the front footage or land area.

6.  What is the anticipated cost to individual homeowners?   Existing homes will pay a $5,000 one time tap-in fee.  New homes will pay the new construction rate currently $6,000.

7.  Do I have to hook up to the sewer if the line runs past my house?  Ohio Administrative Code requires all homes located within 200-feet of a road right-of-way where a wastewater collection system becomes available must connect to that system.  Chapter 6119.06 (Z) of the Ohio Revised Code,

8.  How will the LORCO project be financed?  The project is being financed through the Ohio Waterworks Development Authority with a low interest loan.  In addition, a $5,000,000 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grant has been received.

9.  Will Township land still be annexed after the sewers are in?    The prime issue and reason for landowner petitions for annexation is the lack of utilities where the land is located.  With water, electricity and telephone readily available in all of the townships in Lorain County, wastewater treatment is the one utility which municipalities can currently offer that townships do not have. In conjunction with revised Township Zoning regulations that take advantage of the development options a wastewater collection system can provide, the incentive for annexation can be significantly reduced and the Township’s tax base preserved.